TSA 2009 Conference reports

Quick links to reports from the TSA’s 2009 Conference in London:

Monday 16 November

Tuesday 17 November

Wednesday 18 November (and workshop reports) *DRAW WINNERS ANNOUNCED*

Snippets from the conference
Paul Gee, TSA: “This year, Philips, Bosch, Intel, O2 have become TSA members. What does that tell you about the UK market?”

Joan Bakewell, UK Government’s ‘Voice of Older People’: “What might people lose if they are marshalled into using techology even if it’s for their own good?”

David Behan, Director General for Social Care: “There’s a point where care and compassion collides with people’s liberty…how can we have a debate about informed consent?”

Simon Roberts, Intel:  “The [cultural] terrain is changing. If you Twitter now, you won’t worry so much about being tagged later.”

Paul Mitchell, independent consultant: “The amount of council money spent on technology is not the mark of success. Geting positive outcomes are.”