The Muse that tracks your moods

gimlet-eyeheadbandIt’s a mood ring for your forehead…literally. When The Gimlet Eye gazed on this, she thought this was rather clever as it could warn others of her ever-changing moods. It could flash a yellow ‘Caution’ on bad hair days, pulse Distress Blue and Red on weather migraine days, Storm Grey to indicate sheer boredom and a cheerful Green for Go on good days. But what it does is with sensors (front and behind ears) pick up your EEGs, algorithmically process them (the secret sauce) and relay them to your smartphone. No glow at all, and it doesn’t even hold your hair back. (Darn) It’s basically biofeedback (colorfully documented in the app) but in future, the developers hope it will more meaningfully integrate into other types of healthcare monitoring and apps. You can get your very own InteraXon Muse if you IndieGoGo (as of this moment, $85K of $150K campaign goal). MIT Technology Review