The 'hierarchy of needs' applied to patient engagement

Back in Sociology 101* most of us studied Abraham Maslow’s ‘hierarchy of needs’, which addressed the progression of needs from the most basic (food) to ‘self-actualization’ (whatever that means). (Or in Bertolt Brecht’s phrase, ‘first comes a full stomach, then comes ethics’). This blog post from Hello Health, the EHR/PHR and practice management platform developed by Myca Health in Canada, takes the pyramid model and applies it to the steps of patient engagement. You can call this the workthrough or takeaway from the ‘Ten commandments of digital health’ [TA 3 July]. It should be noted, however, that you can’t expect all patients to get to the higher points of the pyramid as a given in your business plan. The Patient Engagement Pyramid.

patient engagement_pyramid

* Translation for non-US readers “Basic level class”.