The Carephone keeps the creativity coming (UK)

In less than a year The Carephone company has established a reputation for being the most creative company in the telecare market in the UK – its products, decorative pendant ‘skins’, pizzas on demand, GPS tracking shoe. Despite the fact that Telecare Aware does not usually report company website changes, The Carephone has come up with another creative approach that is worthy of a mention and a look. Hint, click a question. The Carephone website.

5 thoughts on “The Carephone keeps the creativity coming (UK)

  1. You probably need your flash player updated. See this site. [url][/url]

    I was surprised looking at the Telecare Aware visitor stats the other day how many visits are still being made by people using old Internet Explorer browsers, such as IE6 – which even Microsoft admitted was the pits. IE is now up to version 9 and it’s still not as good as its competitor browsers Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Councils and other organisations that insist on keeping their staff in the browser dark ages should be ashamed of themselves. Not only that, old browsers are less secure.

    Rant over!

  2. Same issue here too as tied to archaic council browser. It really is something to consider when developing a new website as so many companies (esp. public sector) have versions of browsers that most people upgraded years ago.

  3. With my website developer hat on (I have sites other than Telecare Aware) I can say it is a real dilemma on how much attention one should give to making a site work in as many browsers as possible. (It is actually impossible to make them work in them all.) The essence of the problem is that webpages are a collection of code which is interpreted differently by different browsers. There are standards that most browsers follow, which means that 95% of what people see will be similar, but Microsoft was notorious for interpreting code differently to the standards, although with each update to Internet Explorer it is getting more and more in line with everyone else. However, there were particular problems with Internet Explorer version 6 (IE6) which is why even Microsoft has been urging people to update from it. Part of the reason some companies/organisations have been reluctant to update is that their intranet sites were developed at a time when IE6 was the norm and, although upgrading to a modern browser is free and it should cope with sites that were written for IE6, I think the IT people are concerned in case they will need to re-structure their intranet pages.

    However, it is short sighted as they cannot keep things that way for ever!

    Microsoft themselves say “Friends don’t let friends use IE6”! Once organisations have moved off it, there is no reason for them not to keep updating to the latest versions. Readers who are suffering from using an old browser need to pester their IT departments. Send them the following links:

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