The answer to the question of whether telehealth is a good thing (UK)

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Adam Steventon of the Nuffield Turst continues to ruminate on the Whole System Demonstrator (WSD) results in his latest blog item, Should clinical commissioning groups invest in telehealth? More and more, the answer to the question of whether telehealth monitoring is a good thing is ‘It all depends.’ Heads-up thanks to Guy Dewsbury.

  • “…telehealth is about a change in services rather than technology”
  • “Telehealth is more than just the box. Whether it is a good idea depends on what services are already in place”


  1. UpNorthAndToTheRight

    ‘Change in services’ or ‘depends on what services are already in place’. A little too contradictory for my liking. I feel somebody is setting themselves up to be a bit of a ‘Telehealth guru’ but not doing the best of jobs at it.
    It might be worth Adam speaking to people that have deployed these systems (not WSD – I mean real ones that have been doing it for years) and working out what is needed.

  2. Lynda Dowling

    It’s ALWAYS has been about ‘what lies beneath’. Whatever the equipment – there has to be an appropriate response – & i mean beyond the call centre. Using Technology to just plug holes in our care system because it’s thought to save money is nonsense & will come back to bite eventually. GD’s right.