More Federal grants (US)

Are you part of a startup which is seeking funding?  Here’s another source.  An alphabet soup of Federal agencies (NIH, CDC, FDA, ACF) released something called the Omnibus Solicitation for SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research).  Two phases are supported by SBIR funds, the third is intended for commercialization. Many mentions of monitoring, but some highlights among the topics of interest listed in this Federal Telemedicine News summary (please see the article for translation of acronyms): 

  • (Biomedical engineering) Software and hardware for telehealth studies (NIBIB)
  • (Aging) Develop practical applications using innovative technologies to do research on hand-held devices, telemedicine, robotics, social networking, and communications technologies (NIA)
  • (Cancer) Develop new telemedicine technologies, remote medical imaging, and bioengineering technology that can be applied to cancer detection and diagnosis (NCI)
  • (Diabetes) Develop sensors and delivery devices for monitoring blood to prevent hypo and hyperglycemia in diabetic patients(NIDDKD) 
  • (Drug abuse)  Develop eHealth tools, plus develop new technologies to integrate data from prescription monitoring programs to current clinical practices (NIDA)
  • (Heart, lung, blood)  Miniaturized devices for home monitoring, how to assess periodic breathing infant apneas associated with hypoxemia and also use to assess disorders in adults (NHLBI)

Submission for grants starts 5 March.  NIH grant page