Telemedicine as Cisco Systems' seat at eHealth table

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 ‘Those programs are part of Cisco’s push to compete with other major tech companies, including Intel, IBM and General Electric, in the growing market for health-care products and services. They’re also part of Cisco’s broader strategy to promote and participate in wider use of digital video across numerous segments of daily life – which can increase demand for Cisco’s core business of selling the networking equipment that carries those digital signals around the globe.’  A UnitedHealthcare executive (working with Cisco) believes that ‘Telemedicine is going be everywhere.  The only question is when.’  (‘When’ can be a mightly long time, but Frost & Sullivan estimated that the telemedicine market will be $6.1 billion in 2012.) So giants compete–which is good–adapting their current technology to healthcare or acquiring it, but rare is the story where a giant truly collaborates with a small company with an innovative eHealth technology (Novartis and Proteus come to mind).