Telehealthcare brand spotting

New game: brand spotting…telehealthcare is…

  • a long-established brand name of Viterion Telehealthcare, a Bayer company. Website.
  • a California corporation that performs administrative and technical duties for, and in conjunction with the Physician Association. Website.
  • re-branding terminology being promoted by Tunstall for the past couple of years. Website.
  • branding of the UK’s West Midlands Joint Improvement Partnership. Website.
  • a brand name for UK (newcomer?) diabetes monitoring company Axon Telehealthcare. Website.

And then, of course, there are variations such as:

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  1. Diabetes monitoring

    my nephew has diabetes. I might use this information. thank you very much.

    [If you put ‘diabetes’ in the site’s search box you will find other useful references. Editor]

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