Remote monitoring improves heart failure rehospitalization, mortality outcomes–study

A study published last week in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews confirmed positive results for both structured telephone support (remote monitoring for self-care management), and telemonitoring (telehealth), with telemonitoring taking the lead versus standard post-discharge care.  For the study, researchers reviewed 25 randomized peer-controlled trials that involved more than 9,500 patients. Findings included improved all-cause hospitalization rates–8% reduction with structured telephone support and a 9% reduction with telemonitoring (MedPage Today 7 Aug). 102 per 1,000 patients died in the telemonitoring group compared with 154 per 1,000 in the control group, with no significant benefit observed in the structured telephone group (DotMedNews interview, 9 Aug).  More details:  iHealthBeat. Cochrane Reviews abstract.