At ATA 2010: Waldo Health monitor premieres

Waldo Networks, an Austin. TX based developer backed by TEXO Ventures, debuted its Waldo Health home monitor and clinician access system at ATA 2010 (today through Wednesday).  Waldo’s touch screen monitor waldo(which resembles the early digital photo frames) is connected to their servers by broadband, WiFi or POTS and offers a wide range of features:  vital signs monitoring with device plugins, a wellness questionnaire targeted to chronic diseases, medication reminders, health care scheduling support–including built-in video/audio teleconferencing–plus a simplified email system, education modules and interactive games and puzzles.  (Does it also control lighting?)  The clinician version accesses patient data, trends and sends alerts. Waldo is an example of convergence, combining telehealth monitoring, telemedicine and ‘connectedness’.  It’s also squarely in the territory of Intel Home Health, Bosch Health Buddy and to a lesser degree the Trillium monitor that is part of GrandCare Systems.  Release.