Verizon readies telehealth collaboration

Usually big news isn’t released here in the US on Thanksgiving week, but Verizon’s announcement of a new initiative, Telehealth Collaboration Solutions, is.  Part of their new Connected Health unit, Collaboration Solutions will enable remote video consultation services between physicians, hospitals, clinics and insurers with patients. (Isn’t this really telemedicine?)  Verizon boasts ‘video capabilities from desktop Web cams to high-definition and immersive video’ (??)  Other services will include continuing medical education.  FierceMobileHealthcare’s interview with Verizon’s Nancy Green reveals that cloud-based telehealth connectivity will be announced 1stQ 2010; home based monitoring and ‘body-area networks’ are ‘in the works.’

3 thoughts on “Verizon readies telehealth collaboration

  1. When is telemedicine telehealth?
    Yes, telemedicine is one component of the service being offered. Given the wide scope of services including patient and provider education etc then it surely comes within the wider dimension of telehealth. Definitions – don’t you love ’em! Smile

  2. Sounds like a legendary game of Buzzword Bingo
    Collaboration Solutions, Connected Health unit, high-definition, immersive video, continuing medical education, cloud-based telehealth connectivity, home based monitoring, body-area networks…

  3. Buzzword bingo…
    There’s industry jargon (e.g. ‘continuing medical education’ or CME), and then there’s David’s brilliantly put ‘buzzword bingo.’ Verizon IS doing something good here, but their PR staff should review Steve’s PR release guidelines.  It’s littered with buzzwords best used sparingly, like hot peppers.  What is ‘immersive video’ anyway?  Fortunately they did not use ‘game-changer’, which is in my Buzzword Hall of Shame next to ‘synergy’.  Whatever happened to descriptive English, anyway?

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