Telehealth self-monitoring to far outpace managed: report

The overall conclusion of IMS Research’s latest forecast on telehealth is that the demand for self-monitoring one’s own health via telehealth devices will far outstrip the demand or placement via managed programs, even though the latter will demonstrate decent growth. Some surprising numbers are being put on the wall: by 2016 consumer purchased devices will be over 80% of sales, regardless of whether healthcare systems will be up to monitoring; only 20% will be used via managed systems (e.g. programs through the VA, private insurance payers, home health providers or health systems). The report attributes consumer growth to availability of consumer-friendly monitoring systems using Bluetooth LE and ANT+, coupled with growing familiarity with (and increased usage of) smartphone apps, as well as payers’ reluctance to adopt due to various issues. Over 50 million wireless health monitoring devices will ship for consumer monitoring applications over the next five years. The problem to Editor Donna is not self-management, but consistency and correct usage of these apps, which will have to be inexpensive–and the willingness to share with doctors (in forms that will integrate with EMRs. IMS Research, Wireless Opportunities in Health and Wellness Monitoring – 2012 Edition. eWeek article.