Center for Technology and Aging final RPM report released

The report includes a description of the:

  • Five-step RPM process (Collect, Transmit, Evaluate, Notify, Intervene)
  • Opportunities to apply RPM to chronic care, post-acute care, and patient safety
  • Veterans Health Administration experience and positive results from its RPM use
  • Features of seven integrated RPM devices currently on the market: Health Buddy (Bosch), Telestation (Philips), Genesis DM (Honeywell), Health Guide PHS6000 (Intel), LifeView (American Telecare), Ideal LIFE Pod (Ideal Life), Healthanywhere (Healthanywhere, Inc.).
  • Features of four Continuous Cardiac RPM technologies: Biotronik Home Monitoring, Medtronic CareLink, Boston Scientific Latitude, and St. Jude
  • Technology characteristics of RPM devices for fall detection, fall prevention and location tracking, including medical alerts for family or caregivers
  • Characteristics of location tracking device products currently available, including: EmFinders’ EmSeeQ; Alzheimer’s Association Comfort Zone, powered by Omnilink; LoJack SafetyNet; GPS Tracking and Navigation FlexTrack; and Google’s Latitude

Press release and report