Generating device power from body movements

Still early days for this pointer to the future item, but the American Chemical Society’s (ACS) Nano Letters is reporting on development of a super-thin film they call ‘piezo-rubber’ –flexible, biocompatible rubber films for use in implantable or wearable energy harvesting systems.  For instance, energy from lung motion could generate electricity to run a pacemaker, eliminating the surgery needed every-few-years to replace batteries.  Or run other types of sensors.  Health IT/Stone Hearth. ACS Release. Nano Letters 26 Jan 2010 (charge to read).

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  1. Piezo Plastic / Energy Harvesting

    I was interested to see mention of new materials applied to powering medical and monitoring products. These materials can be applied to a new category of electronics classed as energy harvesting. Electronic devices can now be powered by small batteries for months or years. Harvesting energy from movement, background lighting, and even radio signals is now a practical way of extending such battery life to months and years.

    We can expect to see increasing use of the phrase “energy harvesting” particularly in the telecare and health care sectors.

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