Telecare – the ethical debate

This item packs a double punch. First, it is significant that the The Nursing Times – the reading for most UK’s nurses – is featuring a positive item on telecare and second, the 12 minute video it is built around from the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) is a well balanced and informative view of the current state of telecare in the UK. As Keren Down, Chief Executive of the Foundation for Assistive Technology (FAST) says near the begining “telecare is the only game in town” when faced with rising numbers needing care, fewer available staff and higher costs. I [editor Steve] would challenge any US readers who believe that remote non-health (‘lifestyle’) monitoring is something exotic and far from their health-obsessed remote monitoring to watch this video and realise what a long way ahead the UK is in this regard. Thanks to Kevin Doughty for the heads-up. Telecare – the ethical debate.