mHealth for all? Not quite yet….

Rob Havasy writes on the Center for Connected Health’s discussion page that while ‘the signs of a mobile health (mHealth) revolution are all around us’, the technology may be outrunning most of its potential users.  The people who need it the most (e.g. people over 65) haven’t adopted wireless online technology. Even iPhone users, who are a shockingly (to your editor) low 3% of all US cellular customers, download apps and only 1% become long term users.  He concludes that ‘ the technology isn’t yet simple enough to truly impact the majority of people’s lives.’  In other words, KISS (keep it simple….).  mHealth for All

Also from the Center for Connected Health, their 2009 annual progress report summarizing their programs such as Smart Beat for hypertension, Connected Cardiac Care and many others–plus the Connected Health Symposium.  Download.