Finally, a better fall detector? (myHalo Clip)

What may be a significant step towards the “Holy Grail” of universal fall detection is myHalo Clip from Halo Monitoring.  This an accelerometer that dispenses with conventional tilt sensors, instead using solid state sensors and motion signal processing.  That means that the device supposedly picks up falls where the person lands in a sitting position (against a wall or furniture) and sends a caregiver alert.  Another advantage is that it also can be worn during normal activities such as reclining to rest or sleeping in bed (which could be a bit awkward).  Certainly a good idea; unfortunately no picture with announcement nor a link to an updated page on the Halo website (no updated page, period).  Release

2 thoughts on “Finally, a better fall detector? (myHalo Clip)

  1. Fall detectors: Nearly there

    It would of been great if the video on their site showed it detecting the various types of falls. This is not the first fall detector with an accelerometer built in (Caretek)

    If this product ever comes to market for real it is a shame it has to be charged daily.

    Personally we will all be waiting a very long time for a fall detector that has few false alarms and detects most falls, along with a sensible size and battery life. The main reason been the processing power required to detect the different styles of falls requires a large amount of current consumption which leads itself to been a chargeable device or frequent batter changes.

    A device that needs charging on a regular basis surely is not very suitable when thinking about the type of person that would require it. As for a replaceable battery this only adds to the increased cost of servicing the user. Which in today’s present financial climate would be frowned upon

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