Reflections on CES and consumer (connected) health

Brian Dolan’s reflections on last week’s CES in Mobihealthnews will probably be our wrapup on this event.  He likens consumer connected health at the show in 2010 to where wireless was in 2004-5.  In other words, it’s a small ring now at the circus, but it will get larger.  He mentions the Zeo sleep coach, Vitality GlowCaps (wireless alarm pill caps, which would have received more attention in the Digital Health tech zone) and the Jitterbug mobile phone which is introducing health apps.  But he sees no ‘blockbusters’ in store for us.  ‘With yet-to-be proven efficacies, regulatory unknowns and little reimbursement, there’s no magic bullet. Just a lot of work ahead.’  No argument here.  Article.