Center for Technology and Aging remote monitoring report

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The California-based Center for Technology and Aging released a study, ‘Technologies for Remote Patient Monitoring in Older Adults’, that provides a good overview of recent research and findings on technology use for post-acute and chronic diseases.  We recently wrote about their Remote Patient Monitoring Initiative and the Center’s Remote Patient Monitoring Diffusion Grants which are closing in mid-March.  Paper.


  1. Dana Gherasim

    LifeStat – Remote Monitoring and Health Management Service
    For your readers’ info: LifeStat – Remote Monitoring and Health Management Service – is a patient-centric solution, available in Canada, that engages health professionals and clients in diabetes and hypertension management. LifeStat offers both at-home and mobile options for recording and transmitting physiological readings to the secure LifeStat website where reports are automatically created and can be viewed online.