'Privacy by Design'–Ontario OIPC official response

Trevor Cradduck’s comments on ‘Privacy by Design’ (see 9 Nov posting below) received a response from the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario on the Telehealth Canada blog.  No surprise, there’s a disagreement; but in their response, this editor believes that OIPC did not engage with Trevor’s nuanced discussion on the tradeoffs between privacy and system effectiveness.  Who is going to decide–and when–what the standards are going to be on how much privacy is needed?

This editor also is compelled to set something right:  the ‘design’ of QuietCare and the construct of their privacy system were created and implemented by Living Independently Group, not GE Healthcare, which has sold and marketed the system since October 2008;  GEHC does not (yet) own the system or underpinning technology.  [Disclosure: I worked for three years for LIG. Donna]