Telecare service tender (Ireland)

News of a tender for a service in Ireland, by the Health Service Executive, deadline 25 January 2011 [for 80 ‘patients’ per year]: “The HSE invites the submission of tenders for the provision of a Telecare Service for Older People across the areas of: Lot 1: Dublin North East (covering counties Louth, Cavan and Monaghan) and Lot 2: HSE West (covering counties Donegal and Leitrim). The Provider will be expected to…deliver the assessment and identification of suitable services (jointly with Healthcare staff), installation, training, repair, maintenance, withdrawal and reconditioning where necessary, review, and monitoring (call centre) of electronic assistive technology equipment which will enable individuals to function independently or be maintained in their own homes or care home. The service is required 24 hours per day / 7 days per week/ 365 days per year. It is envisaged that there will be approx 40 patients per region (lot) each year once the programme is fully operational. Tender document.

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  1. Ireland tender and CAWT

    This is linked to “Cooperation and Working Together” CAWT programs – – cross border initiatives between Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland funded through EU Interreg program.

    This tender is part of the delivery of the CAWT – CROSS BORDER OLDER PEOPLES’ PROJECT.

  2. Irish tender

    This is beginning to smell fishy!

    Surely it can’t be restricted to telecare organisations in Northern Ireland?

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