People with dementia more capable than expected when alone

Here is a snippet of information that is extremely interesting: some people with dementia are more capable of coping at home alone than their family or professional carers give them credit for.

And how was that discovered? By the use of a telecare monitoring system. And where will you find this information? Read the Department of Health’s Care Services Efficiency Development (CSESD) team’s report following a visit to Staffordshire last year. Download the report and three related ones here.

Also, the CSED concluded that in Staffordshire:

  • telecare-enhanced care packages were more efficient and cost effective
  • residential care was postponed, individuals exercised control over their own lives and remained in their own home for longer
  • total annual savings for a cohort of 21 people = £120,000
  • carers were supported and involved

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  1. Direct link to Staffordshire Just Checking report
    The above link is a couple of steps from the report. Try this link to go there directly.

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