New telecare player in Canada

A short article in the Montreal Gazette features Care Link Advantage, an Ontario-based telecare provider affiliated with and GE Security.  This sensor-based system monitors activity and generates notifications on pre-set ‘areas of concern’, with the addition of live feed video cameras so that family members/caregivers can directly monitor these alerts via cell phone text, voice or email.  The cost is a test of price sensitivity:  C$180 a month for rented equipment, or C$129 a month if the system is purchased for about C$1,000.  Article. Website.

1 thought on “New telecare player in Canada

  1. ‘Big son’ is watching you!
    I loved the reader’s comment at the end of this Montreal Gazette article. Mother did not like being monitored so she soon disabled the equipment and now she cannot remember where she hid it….. or does not want to remember!

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