TalkTalk: free weekly chats for older people living alone (UK)

Older people who live alone are to be offered a friendly weekly phone call from phone and broadband provider TalkTalk UK. The free service, We’ll Call You, is desescribed by TalkTalk’s Communications Director, Mark Schmid: “We’re not trying to replace social services and charities but our research shows that the service we’re providing meets a need which is not currently being met. With the number of older people living alone passing the four million mark the launch of our service is very timely.” TalkTalk’s We’ll Call You webpage.

Leaving aside issues over the practicalities of this scheme, it is TalkTalk that has been creating considerable problems for telecare service providers recently. See the first comment on Telecare Aware Soapbox item: Thousands of telecare users potentially at risk

1 thought on “TalkTalk: free weekly chats for older people living alone (UK)

  1. Talk Talk no Talk Talk?

    It’s ironic that Talk Talk lines are the ones that give social alarm users most problems and that the T&Cs specifically mention that they are not suitable for alarm connections.

    Do they have two different departments that do not “Talk Talk” to each other?

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