Take the challenge…the DARPA Robotics Challenge

DARPA–the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency–part of the US Department of Defense, is offering a competition this fall for teams to develop robots capable of navigating staged disaster-response scenarios–in other words, in dangerous and human-unfriendly ground environments, with an emphasis placed on the ability to use available human objects, from hand tools to vehicles. Since we haven’t turned into STRATFOR, the logic here is if the robot can navigate rough terrain, lift large objects, be dexterous, operate in high radiation and use human tools, not only will you get the millions promised here but also with a little retooling, you can market your robot for civilian uses in places like older adult housing, skilled nursing, assistance for the disabled and hospitals. But hurry–DOD wants the application in by 31 May. Wanted: Robot. Willing To Pay $2M (Armed With Science) The solicitation abstract and link to application document here.

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