Support for Carers Technology Guide

Carers UK and telecare provider Tunstall have developed a Support for Carers Technology Guide, designed to offer practical advice on the conditions and challenges faced by carers and how telecare can be used to provide support and reassurance. Sounds good, but pity it can’t be found on the Carers UK website. Read the press release, though

1 thought on “Support for Carers Technology Guide

  1. This ‘partnership’ is going to be used to ‘help’ Carers back to work. I say ‘help’ because it’s a clear case of this charity (Carers UK) ignoring what Carers continually ask them to do and instead embark on what seem like an effort to force Carers out of their caring roles.

    I have approached Tunstall to ask under the Freedom Of Information Act, if there is any money being given to the charity but they refuse to answer.

    Also bear in mind this monitoring system does more than just monitor health, it also monitors ‘life style’ so could potentially be used to help gather evidence to pass to government departments to help cut benefits.

    No Carer should accept this and they should be challenging why this ‘partnership’ has evolved.
    Question to Imelda Redmond CEO of Carers UK and Tunstall’s, how much money is being ‘donated’ to the charity to secure this partnership?

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