Telecare smoke alarm saves 97 year-old (UK)

A 97-year-old man has praised the alarm system that led to his rescue from his smoke-filled home. The alarm was linked to a telecare monitoring centre that contacted his son, who called the fire service. Goodnews item from the Retford Times.

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  1. Telecare smoke alarm saves 97 year-old (UK)
    I am concerned that the ARC did not call the fire brigade first, precious time would have been lost by calling the contact who then spoke to his father and then phoned 999. This story could have been quite different if the fire had got hold

  2. Smoke detector save – what was the procedure?

    I was amazed to read that it seems the response centre that took the call from the smoke detector did not call the fire service themselves. Unless it was just the way it had been written, they say that the operator phone the gentleman’s son and then he rang for the fire service! Surely, A1 Housing would have called the fire service after getting a silent response from the gentleman and then rang his son to inform him of this, however, the article reads differently.

    This does go to show that the level of service provided by alarm receiving centres differs depending on which service provider you use.

  3. Smoke detector save: Retford Times correction

    The Retford Times wrongly printed that Mr Hewitt’s son contacted the Fire Service. In fact it was the A1 operator handling the call who rang Mr Hewitt’s son through the PNC system (whilst at the same time on the telephone to fire control) to inform him that the smoke alarm had gone off in his father’s home, and because she was unable to speak to his father was ringing the fire brigade. So in actual fact she did both at the same time.

    [Thanks for clearing that up…sorry there wasn’t time to get the clarification when the item was first posted. Ed Steve]

  4. Terminology

    Another example of differences in terminology – your headline refers to this as Telecare but on Tunstall’s blog they refer to it as Telehealthcare:

    [Sometimes our headlines reflect the original ones, so that people who have already come across the original know they do not need to follow the link. Sometimes we adapt them or write new headlines to focus on a particular aspect or to reflect the story more accurately. Ed. Steve]

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