Smartphone medical devices we'd like to see

Katie Matlack at the Software Device blog sketches out (literally) three iPhone/iPad medical devices she’d like to see:  a disease risk calculator (to bring together biomarkers on disease potential), a spirometer (for measuring breathing ability) and a 10-electrode ‘real thing’ electrocardiogram (ECG).  (Ed. Donna notes that #1 and #3 are for clinical use, and that #2 is for both clinical and patient.) This follows on her ‘real world’ analysis of the iBGStar Glucose Meter, AliveCor ECG, Withings Blood Pressure Monitor, ECEM Pulse Oximeter, and the Mobius SP1 Ultrasound Imaging Device.  Hat tip to the Appspark blog (mobile developer)


2 thoughts on “Smartphone medical devices we'd like to see

  1. Some of these apps may already exist. For example, there is an app for diabetes control developed especially for teens – [url][/url]

  2. This certainly identifies important needs. When it comes to ECG – Electrocardiogram…this vision is already a reality and you can view it at which enables anyone to perform a hospital grade full 12 lead ECG via any smartphone (iPhone, Android, BB).

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