SeNCit set to disrupt the telecare device market?

Launched today in the UK, SeNCit is a device with functions – and at a price point – that give it the potential to disrupt the pendant-oriented telecare market. It looks like a fairly standard PIR unit but its outer simplicity belies sophisticated functions. The device incorporates a mobile network connection (which can take a SIM from the operator with the strongest signal in the area) and has programmable software which alerts carers by SMS if no activity occurs in the monitored area during a time when it would be expected. It can also raise an alert if the room temperature is too hot or too cold or, being mains-powered, if there is a power cut. With an eye to the dementia-related market, with an additional sensor it can be set up to alert to unexpected front door opening.

sencit floorplan image

The device is pitched at people with older parents for whom a pendant system is not acceptable or appropriate. However, at a price point of £207 excluding VAT for the system with door monitoring (£165 for the one without), and with minimal ongoing costs for pay-as-you-go text messaging, it will undoubtedly generate interest from telecare services. SeNd Technology, the company behind SeNCit, is a provider of similar monitoring alarm devices for industrial use and this is its first foray into monitoring specifically for the telecare market.

SeNCit website for more information.