Self-monitoring medicine capsule

A pointer to the future item in medication compliance: a team at the University of Florida has developed a standard white pill capsule coated with a label embossed with silvery lines which make up an antenna. The pill also contains a minute microchip. When a patient takes a pill, it communicates to a small reciever which then signals a phone or laptop. Pill tells doctors when it’s been swallowed, from Gizmag.

1 thought on “Self-monitoring medicine capsule

  1. At least they investigated what’s left behind….
    Although the photo of the capsule is scary (the strip looks immense), at least the UF researchers considered what remains in the body after the chip’s done its ‘signaling thing’: silver. Not a small consideration given that these ‘smart pills’ are meant to monitor everyday compliance.  Also what’s remarkable is the number of ‘chip pills’ in development: Proteus Biomedical, Philips, MicroCHIPS.  Pharmaceutical is where the money is!  See Telecare Aware 19 Jan  as well as earlier press takes on these smart pills as ‘creepy’ and ‘tattletale.’

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