Scotland: A potential world leader in telehealth?

If you fancy a 41-paragraph ramble through what telehealth is, and teleheath in Scotland in particular (and why it could be a world leader if it were not for the lack of understanding of the non-clinical benefits by clinicians and the lack of incentives for health boards to adopt it), then Caring for the Silver Tsunami, by Professor Jim Ferguson is for you.

In this editor’s opinion neither the article nor the prescription for improvement by the Scottish Centre for Telehealth/NHS24 (for whom Professor Ferguson is the clinical lead) are going to improve the situation of which he complains. Moreover, the references to a ‘silver tsumami’ sank like a stone with me – yes, I did read it to the end – the use of that phrase is inappropriate and patronising. Ed. Steve.

1 thought on “Scotland: A potential world leader in telehealth?

  1. Tsunamis deliver destruction and often death; yet the oceans can also create beauty and bring great bounty.

    The NHS and Local Authorities must work in partnership to deliver care in a differently structured way. The UK can no longer afford the luxury of public sector organisations working in isolation. Saving money is the end goal – but the means to that end is provision of quality care for our citizens including efficient and effective use of technology.

    However my main problem with the article is the focus on the elderly – without forgetting where the most immediate threat to the viability of public sector care provision currently lies and addressing it we must significantly widen our focus and deliver a differently structured care to all generations.

    If we stabilise the earthquake rumbling away in the background we greatly reduce the impact of any tsunami?

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