Roy Lilley on WSD: "There is something very strange about this trial, or the data, or how it's been done" (UK)

Roy Lilley has ably chaired the TSA conference for the past two years and has a positive interest in telecare and telehealth monitoring. He has been active in generating interest in the field amongst the thousands of NHS managers to whom he sends a witty, perceptive newsletter several times a week. If you do not get his newsletter, are in the UK and are interested in the NHS, you should. If you don’t, you will not have seen his newsletter today where he bemoans the lack of a simple approach to health monitoring that delivers the benefits without the headaches of the implementations that have hit the headlines recently. He also has a dig at the management of the WSD results but does end up with a reference to the positive outcomes of the Glasgow study reported in the BMJ. You can read it here (PDF download – with apologies to Roy, I had to reproduce it with a screenshot as the newsletters do not appear in the archive for about a month) Sign up for his newsletter here. Is Roy right to be pessimistic at the moment? Perhaps readers will give him some reasons not to be!