ROI tool for telehealth monitoring (US)

One of the barriers to wider adoption of eHealth and remote monitoring (aside from those organizations using mHealth for ‘no reason’) has been the difficulty of obtaining reliable ROI data. Although there are studies on effectiveness and ROI, they are effectively a ‘snapshot’ of one organization, one implementation at one time. Enter the Center for Connected Health, which is developing a ROI Tool for Remote Patient Monitoring. It is a calculator program (think TurboTax) to assist users in evaluating various factors: the number of patients per year and concurrent patients which will evaluate demand; human resources to implement the program at various scales; calculating multiple investments and spend over time; and program improvement, which allows the user to change inputs. Los Angeles-based HealthCare Partners Institute is one of five organizations testing the ROI tool. Preliminary results were that hospitalizations were cut by almost half and outpatient visits went up. Cautious optimism is their order of the day. Connected Health: C-suite ‘cautiously optimistic’ on ROI with remote monitoring (Clinical Innovation + Technology)

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