Rise of the grey market (video)

Tired of tech entrepreneur/VC neglect of the 50+ (and 65+) markets? The trendy health apps that miss the unmet needs of older (and disabled) people beyond health concerns to be mobile and live independently? Here is a discussion that may give you hope. A ‘salon’ hosted by Redstar, a “company that creates companies”, the all-star panel includes David Rose, founder of Vitality GlowCaps (which TA has followed since 2009); Joseph Coughlin, director of MIT AgeLab; Frank Moss of Strategic Software Ventures; Jody Holtzman, director of AARP’s Thought Leadership Group; moderator Jeet Singh, co-founder of Redstar. The discussion is way beyond the cliches and tropes of ‘sandwich generation’ and health into creating a lifestyle that is about living, not aging or frailty–and how that can be equally relevant to all age groups. For the left brained, the numbers speak: in the US, those over 50 are currently 100 million with $3 trillion of disposable income, and 10,000 turn 65 every day over the next 19 years. ‘Aging in place’ alone is estimated as a $10-20 billion market. It is worth the nearly two hours Redstar Salon ‘Rise of the Grey Market’ Video. (1:46)

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