1 thought on “Researchers design rooms with sensors that help dependent people

  1. Why are they taking this route?

    I have noted from a number of recent projects (I won’t embarrass them here, but you can ask me) that in this area more than most in the care sector there is too much technical innovation chasing an ill or undefined application. Even publicly funded research projects appear to fall into this trap. The approach seems to be to see what the technology can do, before identifying the needs it can address. For example, a current project appears to be addressing the potential needs of the ‘ageing well’ from the IPod /Wii generation, rather than the frail and confused who would be unlikely to use it.

    Can I make a plea to start from the personalised approach of what are the individual’s specific needs and offer targeted grants to stimulate design or adaptation of the technology to meet it. In this way, I believe the speculative investments of publicly funded pilots may be better targeted, and more opportunities may be given to young, agile, small technology businesses.

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