Reading for a wet afternoon: Pfizer inflecting 'connected health'

gimlet-eyeThe Gimlet Eye marvels at the billows of corporate fog rolling across the moors of this interview with Pfizer’s Kristin Peck in McKinsey Quarterly . Soggy phrases like ‘we are now reaching an inflection point’, ‘society-wide discourse on the future of healthcare’, ‘knowledge synthesis,’ ‘information transparency’ are guaranteed to make The Eye roll. Persist and your reward is the alliterative value of the Pfizer phrase ‘precompetitive platforms’. But after Your Eyes Glaze Over, the fog clears, the writing leans out and your reward is a few nuggets on how Pfizer is experimenting with connected health, spliced in undoubtedly from a different document. Remote monitoring of clinical trials patients, the health information exchange called PACeR in New York, partnerships on privacy with Private Access, investments in Keas (employee wellness) and so far under the radar we are shocked at the mention, Acacia Living (connecting residents, families and health professionals in senior living–TA 19 Apr 2010). The damp stuff rolls back in at the end, but the Lucas lamps outline Pfizer’s interest in clinical diagnostics (precision-medicine) and ’empowered health tools’ (precision-care). Navigating a changing health care environment (McKinsey Quarterly) (free registration required)