Police approved C500 KeySafe: first pictures

Now that Supra UK’s series of launch events are complete, Telecare Aware can bring you the first picture of the new, police approved key safe: The Supra GE C500 KeySafe:

police approved key safe

New features include a fold down front; more code combinations; more room for keys; more intuitive opening mechanism. Supra UK website.
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5 thoughts on “Police approved C500 KeySafe: first pictures

  1. Police approved key safe
    I am not sure I fully appreciate why a key safe that evidently needs to be secured to some more permanent structure is better than one that uses a shackle that can be fastened to an equally immovable object. Both could, presumably, be removed by anyone sufficiently motivated.

  2. Supra C500 Police approved keysafe

    The issue here is that the test of LPS1175 level 1 includes a test of the ability of the product to resist removal. If a key safe with shackle were to achieve LPS1175 level 1 then you are correct that it would have the same level of security. If not, then the C500 attached to the wall does have LPS1175 approval and would be the more secure choice.

    David Ardron
    General manager, Supra UK Ltd.

  3. Keysafe forced

    An elderly man had his home burgled after a keysafe was forced – Plymouth ex-Royal Marine, 90, was burgled as he slept. Evening Herald, Monday 26 July 2010 Plymouth.

    Although this was the first report of such an attack on a keysafe in the local press; I am aware from reputable local sources of previous attacks on keysafes.

  4. Alarm Contacts

    After further digging, I find some keysafes have contacts to be wired into a burglar alarm.

    One wonders if these are simply to detect when the keysafe is opened / torn off its fixings, or whether a Viper or similar vibration dtector can be fitted?

  5. Key safe security

    Supra take the safety of vulnerable people very seriously. A key safe needs to be fit for purpose and not jeopardise the security of the service users, who are already vulnerable. Supra are concerned by the amount of key safe products available which do just that.

    As Supra introduced the first ever key safe into the UK, we feel a sense of responsibility to protect and improve key safe security and have worked hard to introduce a key safe security standard. We are now confident that our C500 KeySafe is the most resistant to attack on the UK market. If you are in any doubt on the suitability of a particular key safe, please contact your local Crime Prevention Officer.

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