New product: Philips goes cordless

… and it has nothing to do with the recent neck cord story… Philips in the US has just introduced a new cordless phone that works with the Philips Lifeline Medical Alert Service. It is “designed to support the independence of seniors with limitations in dexterity, vision or hearing”. So it is:

  • easy to dial, with large buttons for people with dexterity and vision challenges
  • easy to read, with large, high-contrast displays for caller ID and dialing
  • easy to hear, with excellent sound quality, and extensive volume range

Philips product webpage.

3 thoughts on “New product: Philips goes cordless

  1. Nice web page but…

    Looks clean and simple, like all the Philips and Lifeline pages. I like the blue button callouts a lot.

    Thinking of the end customer or family member–it needs a call to action (call Lifeline) at the bottom of the page. I started to hunt for it bottom, left and right, and it took a while for me to figure out that my only option was a call–no more information online. And it should.

  2. Philips DT1004 cordless phone
    The big major advantage is that, unlike all other cordless phones, this one does NOT lose communication when the mains power fails. This has to be a major plus.

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