Philips calls for wider approach to telehealth in Australia

Commenting on the publication of the Philips Index, Dr. Eric Silfen, Chief Medical Officer for Philips said “Most people in markets such as Australia recognise the valuable contribution that advances in technology have made to overall health outcomes in the last ten years. What I find surprising is that the focus in Australia has been entirely on patient health records when the applications to clinical decision making and patient care are so much more crucial. The focus needs to shift from just being about the privacy of patients, to what solutions we can implement to enhance their health and well-being”. [In other words, when will they wake up to remote patient monitoring? Ed. Steve] Philips press release.

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  1. Docobo Telehealth Implemented in Australia

    In response to Steve’s comment regarding Australia’s focus on technology, we can confirm that UK telehealth is already receiving considerable interest in Australia. UK telehealth company Docobo Ltd has worked with Silver Chain, a not for profit charity, that provides district nursing and care service throughout Western Australia, to implement telehealth both within its own organisation and also signed an agreement for Silver Chain to distribute the product. After conducting a global investigation of telehealth solutions in 2008/9 they concluded that the UK Docobo solution best met their needs for the management of co-morbidities through its ability to support the holistic needs of a patient, rather than a focus on one disease/area.

    As an indication of the country’s interest, the Australian Government have commissioned a research trial for remote monitoring in COPD – the results of which should be available very soon.

    Furthermore, it is refreshing to work with an organisation willing to embrace this technology and who can see the overwhelming benefits to both patients and providers without the ‘local evidence’ demanded so frequently in the UK.

    Silver Chain and Docobo have now also signed their first significant deal in New Zealand and aim to expand use of telehealth across Australasia.

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