Philips Lifeline, WellAWARE to co-market (US)

Announced last week was a co-marketing and collaboration agreement between Philips Lifeline, the leading provider of PERS in North America, and WellAWARE Systems. WellAWARE will be incorporating Lifeline AutoAlert with fall detection in conjunction with its telecare system in both senior communities and home care. While no financial agreement or investment was implied in this short statement, this is indicative of Philips’ quiet moves in developing the home health area [TA 7 Dec].  It’s also favorable in several aspects for WellAWARE. Like most telecare companies that started with sensor-based remote behavioral monitoring for potential conditions, they have moved to integrate emergency notification (e.g. improved fall detection) and richer activity monitoring (e.g. sleep quality) to add value and differentiation to their offering in the hard-to-crack assisted living and home care markets.  Release.