Philips Lifeline CarePartners Mobile app

Philips Lifeline has published a free CarePartners Mobile app for iPhones and Android smartphones that enables family caregivers (carers) to connect with each other and to coordinate care plans privately and securely. More information and download links: CarePartners Mobile. We do not often report on individual apps, but this looks interesting.

1 thought on “Philips Lifeline CarePartners Mobile app

  1. I got the ‘not available in your country’ statement when I tried to download. I should have figured that when I couldn’t find it through a keyword search in Play.
    I did however find an app for fallers – ‘iCare Fall Detector’ which looks interesting – and it is only 64p. A few issues such as the app needs to be running which can be life draining (battery!) but I am liking it so far. It populates your 5 responders from your contacts when selected which is sweet. I have ‘fallen’ five times this morning and it worked each time. It rings through the loudspeaker and microphone on the handset.
    A good use for your old android when you upgrade – give it to your mum as a Xmas pressie falls detector.

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