Paperboy rescues woman in her home (US)

A story to add to the ‘case for better technology file’. It was fortunate for the lady involved that the paper boy paid attention to her message. However, there are some unanswered questions in the item from the Albert Lea Tribune: Why wasn’t the phone line working? Is the reference to a ‘medic alert system’ a ‘panic button’ and, if so, why didn’t her monitoring company know there was a problem with the phone line?

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  1. Another example of why it’s so important to actively check someone is safe each day

    This woman sounds lucky she gets a paper delivered! This is just another example of why it is so very important for many people living alone that their well being is pro-actively confirmed on a daily basis because even someone with community alarm might not be in a position to use it, might not be wearing it (the fact is lots of people leave their pendants off) or in this case might not even have a working telephone line. There is a simple way organisations can confirm whether people under their care are up and about and home safely each day and it’s called “Safety Confirmation” it complements community alarm extremely well, it positively checks people are safe each day and can even be used to prompt people to wear their pendants. Oh did I mention – it also determines whether someone’s phone line is working on a daily or twice daily basis! Take a look at

    James Batchelor

  2. Periodic Call
    Or just just periodic calls on the Lifeline to place a call to the control centre. OR you could use CLI Ping Pong which can check the line as frequently as needed and does not cost the the resident or the CC money.

  3. In response to “Periodic Call”
    Periodic calls using Lifeline to the control centre requires additional resource at the control centre because those calls have to be answered. There also no way of differentiating them from genuine emergency contact which is problematic. There is also no easy way of reminding or prompting a customer to press their pendant if you take that course – whilst there *is* in Pellonia because it can automatically voice prompt a customer in to confirming their well being. Daily ping to the equipment is a good idea for checking the line is there, but still does nothing for checking the customer is actually safe – best to do both at once with Pellonia, but then I would say that! 🙂 Regards, James

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