San Diego hospital system, Cisco pairing for first US hospital tablet system

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Palomar Pomerado Health of San Diego is working with Cisco Systems to be the first US hospital network to deploy a tablet-based system.  The local business journal article doesn’t mention the Cius [TA 2 July] but the robust videoconferencing for virtual multi-point consults and relatively small size (7″ screen) mentioned in the article match the description.  San Diego is also prominently featured as an ‘epicenter’ for wireless health with Qualcomm, UCSD and PhiloMetron cited — plus Paul Sonnier of CommNexus San Diego/LinkedIn Wireless Health who was probably a source for much of this article. E-Devices Prove Their Mettle in Vigorous Health Care Settings


  1. Paul Sonnier

    Wireless Health group on LinkedIn

    Thanks for the mention of the Wireless Health group! Also, while I’m flattered that you think I was the primary source of information for the article, I can’t take that kind of credit since the reporter, Marty Graham, interviewed several key thought leaders and industry drivers who have both inspired me and contributed greatly to my knowledge of the wireless and mobile health space.

    Keep up the great work, as TA is an invaluable resource for news and analysis on what is happening in telecare, wireless health, and mobile health!

    Best, Paul

    Founder, Wireless Health group on LinkedIn