Ozcan cell phone microscope/app detects E.coli

Not your typical cute iPhone app. E. coli bacteria, often the cause of food poisoning, can make you very sick–and even kill you. Now a peer-reviewed study in the Royal Society of Chemistry’s journal Analyst details the use of the UCLA-developed Ozcan microscope [TA 21 May 11] attached to a cell phone in the detection of E. coli. It functions as a fluorescent microscope (using inexpensive LEDs) which measures the amount of emitted light from each capillary (for samples) after the bacteria particles are captured. RSC abstract. UCLA engineers create cell phone-based sensor (Examiner.com) FierceMobileHealthcare article In December 2011, the Ozcan microscope and its LUCAS technology was awarded ‘best invention of 2010’ by The Scientist.

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  1. How can I get the app and other things to be able to make the diagnosis. This will be helpful for me and for my work in the Dominican republic with the very poor. Please let me know what I will need and how to get it.
    Thank you
    Neal Griffin

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