OptumHealth/American Well NowClinic telemedicine in MN

NowClinic, the 24/7 online consult service via American Well announced last year [TA 22 Dec 09] by OptumHealth, the ‘wellness management’ arm of giant insurer UnitedHealthcare, is now available in the full state of Minnesota. It’s puzzling to Ed. Donna what took so long…and Texas, which was originally announced, seems to have fallen off the map.  NowClinic announcement.  Also from American Well:  teaming with RiteAid pharmacies in the Pittsburgh PA area with virtual consults available from home and in-pharmacy–release–and BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York (Buffalo area) dips a tentative toe with a bargain price ($25/visit) but limited hours (8am-8pm M-F)–release.