Open source calls the tune for phones

I missed this when it was published back in July, but it may be a fitting end-of-the-year item to mark the rise of what may be the next trend in telehealth monitoring technology, as briefly touched on in Telecare Aware a few times this year – the move to using the mobile phone as the ‘platform’ of choice for most people. This article, Open source calls the tune for phones, from the Guardian’s technology writer Victor Keegan draws out the potential of the mobile phone, starting with a mention of the 3G Doctor service, which is how I came across it. But it is more, much more…

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  1. Open source calls the tune for phones


    Great in concept,but this is were it stops. For the UK we have the NHS direct line which is free to use. 3g coverage is poor especially inside buildings.

    Data connections from the networks frequently goes down on all providers in one area of the country for any length of time. How do I know this, I have internal buletins from them. If any need proof ask and I can post them.

    How are the more infirm meant to use a mobile?

    If this is for the 3rd world 3G mobiles are not cheap and the chances of 3G coverage along with the data charges would make it impractical. EG Nokia N95 £300.

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