NY Times once-over-lightlies eHealth

The New York Times offers up, well, a mix of the (few years) old and the new in healthcare technology, ranging from the well-established Airstrip’s clinical apps to the well-financed ZocDoc’s appointment setting website. The introduction does get a bit overwrought in stating that these services/technologies “are changing the way we interact with the entire system” when the by-far largest of them, ZocDoc, serves 1.2 million per month in but 16 cities. Certainly the “evolving model of health care, which will ultimately be focused more on outcomes than on services” may be an interesting turn of phrase, but not quite quite accurate when it comes to meeting the patient satisfaction part of NCQA quality metrics. Also profiled are ClickCare (virtual collaboration), Avado (more patient-doctor collaboration, including metrics tracking) and Telcare (diabetes telehealth monitoring, which surprisingly has raised $7 million in a market with a lot of competition.) (FYI to the NYT: SMS doesn’t have periods after each letter!) Vital Signs by Phone, Then, With a Click, a Doctor’s Appointment