NHS Direct / SE Essex Telemonitoring Project – excellent results (UK)

The pilot was community matron-led and GPs were involved by the community matrons as necessary.

The installers were impressed that patients were always well prepared by their community matron as to what the service entailed. It went so well that NHSD has obtained significant NHS Innovations funding to support several new projects:

1) Total Telehealth – A 1-300 unit Telemonitoring project with 1-2 partner PCTs for a year. NHSD believes it will be able to make the project financially self-sustaining and allow project growth too.

2) NHS Wellness – A Motivational Support programme for patients with either:
a. long term conditions who are active and mobile with less dependency (i.e. no Health Hub required) using a combination of Web/phone/SMS/email support

b. patients picked up through NHS Health Checks with vascular risks who require further support, in tandem with local face-to-face providers

The programme will support patients through a specific focus on smoking, diet, exercise, alcohol, depression, and medicines management/compliance

NHS Direct is contacting PCTs with further information but any readers inĀ  PCTs/SHAs who would like details are invited to email Dr Nicholas Robinson, Associate Clinical Director for Long Term Conditions and Telecare, NHS Direct.

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  1. NHSD project

    Thanks for posting this work, we are all very proud of what the NHS D, CI, Docaboo and the SE Essex teams achieved.


    NHS D Telehealth Project Manager

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