NHS needs telehealth, according to new report

Up to 40 UK hospitals will fail by 2013 without radical reform of their working practices (or a £5 billion bail out), a report, produced by Professor Paul Corrigan, Tony Blair’s former special adviser on health, and healthcare business expert Caroline Mitchell, has warned. “The old model and concept of the hospital is failing”. Other pressures on hospitals could be relieved by using telehealth technology “where the patient is monitored by telephone or webcam”. £5bn bill’ to rescue NHS Trusts Press Association item via Google. The hospital is dead, long live the hospital Paul Corrigan’s blog announcement.

1 thought on “NHS needs telehealth, according to new report

  1. I set up a telecare service for the Local Authority. There was clear evidence of positive benefits to both services and service users.

    The biggest challenge was the fear factor from professionals. The equipment has great potential if introduced carefully. Good news!

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