New remote patient monitoring technology for the NHS (Qatar) is among many sites to run a press release stating that Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP) has “inked the deal” with Harmoni and Corinium Technologies Limited, two companies that will deploy newly developed Qatari remote patient monitoring technology called RASAD in the UK “on behalf of the NHS.” It is said that “RASAD [is] the first ‘Made in Qatar’ technology exported abroad [which] allows for large-scale real time remote monitoring of patients and will support the NHS in providing preventive medicine and better treatment and follow up of patients through the use of telehealth technologies.” This follows an MOU signed with Fondo di Assistenza Sanitaria Integrativa (FASI), an Italian health insurer in April. However, it turns out that the UK deal is with Harmoni, a company that contracts with the NHS to provide various services, including NHS111 phone line and out-of-hours care, and a company referred to as Corinium Technologies Limited, whose website editor Steve cannot track down – not these, surely? Nor has it been possible to find a site providing hard information on the RASAD system. If readers can throw any light on them, please leave a comment.

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    [i][Thanks, Frank. The above link is to an 11-slide presentation PDF dated Feb 2012: “RASAD: Complete Overview” Please note the disclaimer on page 10. Editor Steve[/i]

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